Can a third party organization or individual apply for me?
Yes, as long as you answer “Yes” to the application question: “Are you applying on behalf of someone else?”Apply Now

What can I do with a visit visa?
The visit visa only allows you to partake in tourism-related activities, and perform Umrah. It excludes all other activities, e.g. working and studying.

Can I apply for a visit visa to attend Umrah/Hajj?
It is possible to apply for Umrah through the visit visa. Bear in mind that Umrah cannot be performed during Hajj season. To perform Hajj, you must apply for a specific visa with the Ministry of Hajj.

Can I perform Umrah on the visit visa as an unaccompanied woman, without a male relative?
Yes, unaccompanied females are allowed to perform Umrah using the visit visa, and do not need a male relative to do so.

Can non-Muslims use the visit visa to go to Makkah and Madinah?
Only Muslims are allowed to visit the cities of Makkah.

Do I have to apply separately for my family members?
Each family member must submit his or her own application form. Visas for members under 18 years old are dependable on the guardian obtaining the visa.

Which documents are not required?
For Group A countries eligible for visit e-Visa and Visa on arrival, return ticket and booking accommodation documents are not required for application or entry to KSA.

Do I need a medical insurance to apply for a Saudi Arabia visit visa?
The visa includes a health insurance that covers up to SAR 100,000.

Do I have to print my e-Visa upon arrival?
You will not need to show a hard copy of your visa, as your visa will be electronically connected to our system. However, we recommend that you keep a soft copy stored in a mobile device.

What if I have been issued with a new passport since my Saudi Arabia visa was granted?
When entering Saudi Arabia, you should carry your new passport and your old passport that is linked to your visa.

Can I apply as a solo female traveler?
There are no restrictions on women visiting Saudi Arabia as solo travelers.

As a woman, do I have to wear Hijab or Abbaya in Saudi? (Head and body covering garments)
It is not mandatory to wear an Abbaya or Hijab. However, all visitors should dress decently. Please refer to the KSA ‘Code of Conduct’ guidelines for more information.